An Apartment and Town That Are Both Nice!

My husband and I knew that we would not be in Salt Lake City long. It was just a brief stop on his way up the corporate ladder. That did not mean we did not want to live in a nice apartment, even though it would only be for about a year. I took my time looking at apartments for Taylorsville Utah because I wanted to find the right one that would be comfortable for both of us. While my husband would spend a lot of time at his workplace, I would spend nearly all of my time at our new apartment.

That is why I wanted to make sure that it was exactly what we both wanted. We were given a living stipend that allowed us to pick really any place that we wanted. As soon as I saw the apartments at Autumn Glen, I knew that it was going to be our new home. As soon as I saw the layout for the Birch apartment, I knew that it was the one. It is two bedrooms, and it also has a loft with a lot of storage space. It might seem excessive when it is just the two of us, but I wanted to have my own work space separate from our living areas.

I work from home, and there are days where I will not leave my home office for hours at a time. That is why I wanted it separate from our living room. I also really wanted that loft, because I knew that would make a great reading nook for both of us. We have two overstuffed chairs up there along with four bookcases filled with everything from war stories to sappy romances, and that is my favorite room of all. I actually hope that his stay here gets extended, because the area is just as nice as the apartment is!