Moving to a Quieter Place Has Been Good for My Soul

I grew up in New York City, New York. For anyone who has never been there, what you see on television is only part of what it’s like to live there. It’s fast paced, always busy and the city and the people never slow down. That was great when I was young person, but now that I’m older it’s a bit too much for me. While researching cities to live, I found some apartments in Topeka Kansas that I was interested in because they are near where my grandparents live. It’s a much smaller city than what I have been living in for so many years, but I had visited there many times when I spent time with my grandparents as a young person and loved it.

I don’t miss the hustle and bustle of where I was living for so long. I don’t know what it is about growing older, but loud things, lots of people, and very little quiet time starts to get on your nerves when you hit your forties and fifties. I longed for the quiet and much more peaceful days of where my grandparents live. When I told both of them that I was thinking about moving and their city was one of three on my list, they were ecstatic. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure where I would move prior to that conversation, but their excitement helped me to make up my mind. By the end of the conversation and I told them I wanted to be closer to them once again.

Most apartments in NYC are very small, which means that you really can’t own a lot of things. So I didn’t have to do any downsizing at all. The apartment that I’m renting in Topeka is twice the size of what I’m used to, for far less money every month. It was a pretty easy and uneventful move. Since I’m saving so much in rent now, I’ve been able to afford buying some really nice furniture.