[Newsmaker] Veronica Katay joins Outdoor Network

Veronica Katay has joined Outdoor Network’s Johannesburg office as key accounts manager. She has 20 years experience in the media and out of home industry, and plans to take the account management team to the next level of client satisfaction.
[Newsmaker] Veronica Katay joins Outdoor NetworkBizcommunity Briefly tell us about your new role at Outdoor Network?

Katay: Being key accounts manager I focus on increasing our clients’ level of satisfaction and ease when they have invested in our products and service in order to achieve success with their campaigns. I also pursue new business by educating new clients on the innovative and creative offerings we have that deliver real value.

Bizcommunity What will your first order of business be?

Katay: To evaluate each and every key client’s current holding; with the view of assisting them to achieve maximum reach, frequency and impact according to their brand’s requirements.

Bizcommunity What will your core strategy be?

Katay: To offer all our clients new value propositions that incorporate key landmark sites, as well as national campaign sites. And attract new key clients on board with our new innovations. It’s an exciting time to have joined the organisation.

Bizcommunity What is your main business challenge?

Katay: To continue increasing innovation on our sites and levelling the playing fields we share with our respected competitors. We’re painting the skyline ‘Outdoor Network GREEN’!

Bizcommunity The biggest trend in your industry?

Katay: Digital, digital, digital! The out of home market has exploded into the digital realm. Both in terms of the platforms being developed, as well as how we use technology to research return on investment for our clients. The out of home media industry has so much invaluable big data research at our fingertips now. We can assist our clients to make better informed decisions by showing them exactly how each and every site – large or small – impacts their identified target audience.

Bizcommunity Most important attribute needed to do your job?

Katay: – Passion for the industry in its entirety.
– The love of connecting PEOPLE!
– It’s all about relationships: Establishing relationships, keeping them and building on them.
– Fun: You’ve got to love to have fun.
– An open mind: For me, there is no box!

Bizcommunity What inspires you?

Katay: The diverse and dynamic nature of this industry. Every day is a new challenge and experience. We have an ever-extending and changing database of clients and outdoor media platforms. The greatest blessing in my life is my little girl Jazmin. She is my inspiration too. She gets me out of my bed each day without effort and great zest. Not one day is the same for me. Each day is an opportunity to learn in all realms and embrace growth. I love the challenges and opportunities!

Bizcommunity What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Katay: To be part of growing our company into the position of being regarded as the South African industry’s preferred outdoor media supplier; the first ‘go to’ point of contact.

On a personal level – to take Jazzi to the Eiffel tower, or as she called it since she was a baby ‘auful’ tower. Further to this, to enable her with the education and life experience she will require to make her own life a huge success one day. All in all, to forever and always go on to reach new heights. I’m looking up and moving forward.