The Great Residential Rush of Texas

Texas has been quietly preparing the way for an economic revolution – the very sort of action that the Lone Star State has a long, proud history of. Whether from fighting back enemy forces during the American Mexican War to the last stand of the Alamo, Texas has had it’s back against the great, last wild frontier of the United States. There is where blood and oil were first spilled within the sun baked earth. It’s here where you’ll find apartments for rent in Alamo Heights. Where once nothing but dead, dry earth that was incapable of supporting even the meanest of mammals there is now instead a bustling urban landscape where people come to make their fortune in our very own Outback.

With the elevation of Donald Trump to Presidential Trump, Texas has seen Governor Rick Perry take the chair for the Department of Energy. None of us can feign surprise at this choice. It’s a good choice. Texas has a diverse collection of natural resources that are either already being gathered and utilized for infrastructure needs or is ripe for the harvest. Rick Perry is going to be the man to help create those contracts that will finally reach deep for the last waiting reservoirs of resources that Texas needs to help fuel its economic aspirations.

Land is everything. The growth of that land is even more important than the land itself. That’s where President Trump made his money and with Rick Perry within his cabinet there is going to be a genuine revolution here. The amount of growth that Texas is about to experience is going to be something the country hasn’t witnessed since the great Gold Rush when hundreds of thousands of Americans crossed the wild frontier to reach California and the shimmer gold that waiting within streams and mountains.