We Came Here to Take Care of Our Loved One

My husband and I spent the day looking a variety of apartments in Parkville MO last month. This is where my grandparents have lived for the last 45 years, and it is where I spent most of my Summers as a young girl. Now we live here so that we can help take care of my grandmother. We also have two young girls, and they seem to be enjoying it here just as much as I did when I was just a little girl, too.

Grandpa passed away suddenly two years ago. I asked Grandma early on if she was interested in moving to where I had beenliving. She refused immediately, and she continued to refuse for months afterward. She loves this beautiful country area that she lives in. She told me that it’s her home and where she’s able to think of my grandfather the most. She says that everything in this small town helps her to remember Grandpa more easily every day. I felt the best thing was to respect her decision, but I knew that I might have to make some changes one day in the future.

My Grandma ended up haveing a stroke 7 months ago, I knew that she wouldn’t be able to stay here by herself anymore. It broke my heart, but she just couldn’t do it alone. I feel so lucky that grandm was not harmed worse than she was. But she no longer has the ability to live in the house all by herself without a lot of help. She continued to refuse to move near me, though. After some long discussions with my husband, we decided that we would move to be with her. We live in grandma’s house now, and we help her. We’re happy with the move, and we’re glad that we didn’t have to force Grandma to move to come live with us. It’s working out well for all of us.